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At the moment I am translating our website to English. Since I'm not a native speaker, some mistakes may occur or some expressions may sound odd. If you find something like that, please leave us a note via the Contact form (top right corner)!

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Welcome to Allskonar

We, the Allskonar Vikings, are three people from 21 to 22 years, that since some time are engaged in research about the live of Scandinavians about 1000 years ago - most people know those guys as Vikings.

We try to stick close to the found originals as we are sewing or clothes and getting everything else one could need for cooking etc. If there are no originals known by us, we try to find conclusive solutions. We are very keen on handing on our growing - but never complete - knowledge to interested people, fighting cliches and bringing some forgotten handcrafts back to people's minds.